Alien Labs Cotton Cluster Edibles 100mg

Our Alien Labs gummies are gluten free, vegan, made with all natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. Unlike most solventless gummies, these are made with hash, not rosin. We felt that the hash provided a more complex, full spectrum effect while also toning down the cannabis flavor a little bit. A little bit of cannabis flavor is a good thing, too much can be overwhelming. Our gummies are available in four flavors including: Cotton Cluster: Cotton Candy with Cotton Candy flavor asteroids, Lunar Orange: Orange with Vanilla flavor asteroids, Blue Moon: Blue Raspberry Coconut with Blue Raspberry flavor asteroids and Cherry Eclipse: Cherry Vanilla with Vanilla flavor asteroids. What are Flavor Asteroids? Flavor Asteroids are our version of a nerds candy, these are embedded right into the gummy for a slight crunchy texture and a boost of flavor.

Brand: Alien Labs
Type: Hybrid


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Alien Labs
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