Kings Garden Roxx Live Shatter 1.0g

With genetics like these, you know it’ll be delicious! An indica leaning hybrid cross between Zkittles, Animal Mints, and Triangle Kush, Roxx smells like a field of sun-ripened strawberries, with sugary sweet fruit and earthy notes that will tantalize your taste buds. A dose of delectable euphoria will hit you right away, filling your mind with happiness and energy, followed by a soothing, but still functional body high that will put all your muscles at ease. Ideal for those coping with chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. King’s Garden produces a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, superior quality strains of cannabis designed to to empower everyone with the confidence and enjoyment of getting exactly what they want.

Brand: Kings Garden
Type: Hybrid


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Kings Garden
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