Referral Program

We do business by referral!


Refer a new customer to Nexus Delivers and receive a $20 credit on your next order! Just have the new customer mention who referred them and we will leave a note in the system for the next time you order.


Step 1: Refer a new customer to Nexus

Step 2: Let us know who you referred to us and placed an order!

Step 3: We will place a $20 credit on your account to spend as you choose!

Step 4: Use your $20 credit on your next order!


In today’s age word of mouth and referral advertising is a powerful way to reach more and more customers. People are constantly bombarded by countless billboards and TV advertisements, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to judge the value of a business simply by listening to their paid advertisements.


At Nexus, referrals bring new life to our business and they are highly encouraged! Please refer our business to your friends and we will give you a $20 credit on your next order!