How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery
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Few things are more frustrating than getting ready to take a hit from your cannabis vape only to discover the cartridge is missing its battery. While you could buy a new cart battery, sometimes money and time don’t allow for a speedy purchase. So, what can you do in this situation?

It’s possible to vape without a cart battery, but it’s not the best thing to do. The guide below will show you how to hit a cart without a battery and explain its associated risks. 

What’s the Purpose of Vape Batteries?

Before you learn how to hit a cart without a battery, it helps to know how vape cartridges work. A cart is the top part of a vape pen that contains cannabinoid concentrate. It also holds the atomizer, coil, and other components essential for transforming cannabis concentrate into vapor.

However, vape pens need a power source, like a battery, for the cart’s coil to vaporize the concentrate. Since the batteries don’t have a lot of energy to power the cart indefinitely, you’ll have to recharge or replace them. 

How to Smoke a Cart Without a Pen

Cartridge batteries are small and easy to lose, so cannabis users often misplace them. You might also forget to purchase a replacement for a dead battery. Fortunately, 510-threaded vape cartridges are widely available, so you can always buy another one. 


If you’re short on time or don’t have much money and want to know how to hit a cart without a battery, you can get crafty with an Android charging cord. It’s a common practice among vape users due to the straightforward process. However, using a phone charger to fire a cartridge isn’t without risks, so proceed with caution if you choose to follow these steps.

1. Source an Android Charger and Disconnect the Port From the Charger

Before you can hit a cart without a battery, you need to source an Android phone charger. This process will destroy the cord, so make sure it’s one you don’t mind losing.

Next, you’ll need something to strip the cord’s insulation from the wires inside it. You can use scissors, wire strippers, or nail clippers.

Once you have these items, use the cutting tool to separate the charging port from the cord. The charging port is the part of the cord that goes into the phone, tablet, or other Android device. Do not make any cuts while the charger is plugged into a power source, and don’t cut the part of the cord that plugs into a USB block.  

2. Disconnect the White and Green Wires

Next, you’ll use your scissors or nail clippers to carefully cut away the rubber insulation covering the interior wires to expose them. You don’t want to take off too much rubber; leave enough of the cord intact to use later in the process. Once you expose the interior cables, you’ll notice they come in red, black, white, and green. The latter colors are unnecessary wires, so you can remove them.

3. Expose the Black and Red Wires

To fire a cart, you only need the red and black wires. After you get rid of the white and green cables, remove about two inches of covering from the red and black cables. 

These two Android wires are necessary because the red one serves as the negative lead, while the black one acts as a positive lead. When you have a cart battery in your vape pen, its connection acts as the positive lead, with the battery itself serving as the ground.

4. Put the Black Wire Inside Your Cartridge

Take a look at your vape cartridge to find a small round hole on its bottom. Sometimes, a bit of rubber on the bottom of the cart blocks this hole, so you might have to cut the material off to reveal it. Once you find the hole, carefully put the black wire into it. 

5. Place the Red Wire on the Exterior Cartridge

Now, you need to make a connection with the negative red wire to complete the power circuit. Do this by locating the metal surface on the cartridge’s exterior. Take the red wire and gently touch it to that area. 

6. Plug in the USB Cable and Hit Your Cart

Finally, plug the intact portion of the Android charge cord into a USB power source or USB block. If you perform all the steps correctly, you should immediately hear your vape pen hiss and see it producing cannabis concentrate vapor. You can hit the cart at this time but do so slowly. 

As soon as you take a pull off your vape, disconnect the circuit by removing the red wire. If you leave the circuit intact for too long, you could accidentally overheat your coil, resulting in wasted product. 



Using Android Chargers vs. iPhone Chargers When Hitting a Cart Without a Battery

A common question people ask when learning how to hit a cart without a battery is if you can substitute an Android charge cord with an iPhone charger. Technically, you can, but it’s not a good idea, and here’s why.

The primary reason why you can’t swap iPhone chargers for Android models on devices is that Apple wiring tends to be more complex than its competitors. So, you could follow a similar process to hit a vape cartridge with an iPhone charger, but you could easily become confused about its extra wires, which could potentially cause the hack not to work or, at worst, cause you to injure yourself. 

If you insist on using wires in place of vape cart batteries, stick with Android models only. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Hitting a Cart Without a Battery

Successfully performing the vape cart wire hack doesn’t ensure a pleasant vaping experience if you fall for common mistakes. For instance, people often inhale quickly and deeply because the pen will produce vapor immediately once you touch the red wire to the cartridge exterior and plug in the cord. Unfortunately, over-inhaling can quickly burn the cartridge, resulting in a harsh hit.

Another mistake people often make is failing to clean their cartridges or cleaning them improperly. A cart becomes dirty after multiple uses, which can lead to buildup accumulating in the airway. Without a clear airway, your cart won’t produce much cannabis vapor.

To clean your cartridge and use it efficiently without a battery, be sure to wipe it clean using a dry cloth after each use. You should also take the mouthpiece off the cart to soak it in warm water for several minutes. Doing this helps to eliminate buildup that could cause a clog.

Reasons Not to Hit a Cartridge Without a Battery

Crafting a vape cartridge power source is impressive despite its simplicity. Though it’s certainly possible to hit a cartridge without a battery, it doesn’t mean that’s the best thing to do. The hack is unnecessary in most situations, and its risks outweigh the benefits.

Here are several reasons you should find safer alternatives to firing a cart with an Android charger.

Vape Batteries Are Widely Available

As previously mentioned in the guide, 510-threaded cartridges are the most common variety on the market, making them the industry standard. That means you could easily find a substitute cart battery if yours is missing or out of power. 

Cartridge batteries are available in almost every reputable vape shop, and you can source them online. They’re not overly expensive either. Depending on your vape pen and preferences, you could buy a vape cart battery for as low as $5 or as high as $50.

You Can Purchase Multiple Batteries

No laws or rules state that you can only purchase one vape cart battery at a time. Just like people buy multiple phone chargers to ensure their devices always have power, you can purchase multiple backup cartridge batteries for your cannabis vape.

By purchasing multiple batteries at once, you can be confident that your vape pen will have sufficient power from a reliable source without the inconvenience of having to run out to the store or place an online order.

Hitting Carts Without Batteries Is Risky

You’re essentially playing with live wires when you use the Android charge cord hack to hit your vape cart. As such, you risk shocking or burning yourself on top of using your vape pen incorrectly due to the influx of electricity hitting the coil and atomizer. 

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