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The legalization of marijuana opens the door to exploring ways to incorporate it into various activities, festivals, and even recipes. That’s evident by the cannabis scene taking off in locations such as Sacramento, California. For example, take the 420 events happening for smokers who like to exercise, senior citizens who want to learn more about cannabis’s benefits, or even business owners looking to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.

If you’re interested in these exciting 420 gatherings in the area but don’t know what’s out there, read on for a quick list of the options available. You’ll find a description of these events, along with a general idea of what to expect.

Still, it’s good to know that you don’t have to leave your home or one of these weed events if you find yourself out of your favorite bud in Sacramento—Nexus Delivers!

420 Events You Won’t Want to Miss | Sacramento, California

Tree Harvest Festival

The Tree Harvest Festival took place in 2019 as Sacramento’s very own version of the Mile High Festival for Colorado Cannabis Week. The festival offered a relaxed spot to buy weed and edibles while listening to live music. The highlights included cooking demonstrations, a watermelon-eating contest, and a themed art gallery.

Bend & Blaze Yoga

Bring your own cannabis or order a delivery to enjoy at this all-level yoga gathering. Yogi Eliza Maroney will guide you through the class specifically designed to help you unwind so that you can connect with yourself and the space around you. A curated playlist sets the tone for your journey as you stretch your body and honor your soul.

Notably, those new to yoga, festivals, or even the 420 Rally events are always welcome to attend and enjoy the vibe in their own way, even if they do not wish to partake.

Wellness Seminar

Cannabis has plenty of uses outside the recreational realm. Why not let one of the local wellness seminars open your eyes to the full medicinal benefits of this versatile plant? Learn about the different conditions cannabis can treat, such as insomnia, chronic pain, and stress, as well as how to dose cannabis to treat each condition.

Some people want to get high and relax. Others want to consume just enough cannabis for a good night’s sleep or pain relief. A wellness seminar is the perfect place to learn all of that and more.

4:20 Senior Social Hour

You may think that “420 events near me” only shows results for people in their early 20s, but you’d be mistaken! For example, Delta Boyz Dispensary and Lounge holds a one-hour smoking circle on the 20th of every month. It’s a great time for seniors to ask questions, learn about new products, and take the edge off.

Smokus Pocus

Cannabis was once something to consume in a dark corner when no one was looking but shows like Smokus Pocus are changing perceptions. It brings cannabis front and center with a touring magic show around everyone’s favorite recreational plant. The audience members can enjoy the weed-themed magic show, whether they’re smoking or not.

2nd Saturday Smoke-Out 

The Delta Boyz strike again with the 2nd Saturday Smoke-Out option. The event invites people of all different backgrounds to find a commonality in cannabis with live music from local artists, unique games, and refreshments for purchase. Themes change monthly, so the events are always fun.

Gateway Show

This is the perfect event if you love both comedy and cannabis. The touring show features local comedians who take the stage and give you their best set. Then, after a brief intermission where they get stoned out of their gourds, they take the stage a second time. 

Understandably, the second set is always funnier than the first, but not necessarily in the way the comedians intended. During the intermission, the audience can leave the venue to partake if they choose and return to enjoy the show as high as the entertainers on stage.

Puff and Paint Weed Events

You’re probably familiar with the painting classes where everyone drinks wine as they take an art lesson. Puff and paint classes do that with cannabis. For example, Denver, Colorado, hosts a class called Puff Pass Paint, but the idea is the same. 

It’s a great creative outlet even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. The classes are all about enjoying cannabis and creating something unique in your signature style. 

Cooking With Cannabis

Edibles aren’t restricted to just gummies laced with CBD and THC. A cannabis cooking class can open your eyes to the world of elevated eating. There’s everything from cannabis butter on toast to cannabis-infused teas to enjoy before bed, so go wild.

A Cannabis cooking class is a great way to imbibe culinary techniques. You can also connect with others who may want to organize a cannabis potluck one day.

420 events in sacramento

Cannabis Industry Business Mixer for Corporate Weed Events

Did you know that Sacramento’s 420 events aren’t only for those who consume cannabis? There are opportunities for entrepreneurs as well. For example, the annual Cannabis Industry Business Mixer welcomes industry professionals, whether they’re starting out or established in the niche.

It’s an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry, seek advice, and impress potential investors to grow a business in the area.

Another Amazing Option: A Cannabis Concierge

A growing niche that elevates the whole experience is the cannabis concierge. Much like a hotel concierge, their sole focus is to provide you with tailored options so that you have the best cannabis experience possible. The concierge does the footwork to find special events to attend and the best products available in the area and brings it straight to you.

If you’re visiting Sacramento from another state, a cannabis concierge is a must! It’s the perfect solution for anyone not familiar with the weed culture in the area because even though it’s legal, it’s not safe to smoke everywhere. A trusted cannabis concierge will be your guide so that you can avoid a fine for smoking in your hotel room or somewhere else that’s not allowed. 

And if you’re planning a weed-friendly event, your concierge can give you a list of 420-friendly car services, caterers, and venues to create the vibes you want!

420 Events Near Me: Plan a Retreat

Do you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal? Plan a retreat to the Sacramento area to enjoy a 420-friendly weekend with friends. Why not ask a concierge to help with the planning process? That way, you’ll find a welcoming venue and the product you want at the ready. 

Bring the 420 Event To You With Our Cannabis Delivery Service

With so many options available in Sacramento, you’re bound to find something perfect for your vibe. 

Plus, Nexus Delivers cannabis has same and next-day delivery options in the Sacramento area, whether you’re home or attending events that accept cannabis deliveries. Call 916-709-4137 to talk to our budtenders, or place your order online for a reliable and speedy delivery!