If you live or have ever visited Sacramento, California, you might not bat an eye at its obvious nickname: The City of Trees. Nobody could easily ignore the abundance of beautiful trees and the gorgeous views in this part of the world, even if they were as high as a kite. Still, even long-time residents wonder how the city’s nickname came about with competing features such as the Sacramento River and the richness of its Gold Rush past.

People are also surprised to learn that The City of Trees didn’t always have those lush canopies we know and love today. It transitioned into a tree city over several generations of hard work to create greener and cooler conditions, but there’s more to it than just a collaboration of arbor enthusiasts.

If you want to know the real story, keep reading. And if you’re in town, you can always take advantage of the Nexus Delivers catalog for your cannabis delivery needs as you ponder this beautiful city’s tales and origins.

A Humble Start as “The City of Plains”

Anyone who has been to Sacramento will understand how the area could have begun as plains that bravely faced the hot, dry heat. With diligent efforts from the local community, the city has made a complete transformation into something incredibly beautiful and impactful compared to its former state. 

Over a span of more than 150 years, the aspiring title that appeared on the lips of Sacramento’s community in 1855 has transitioned into its reality. Today, the tree planting that started in the early 20th century and continues today has brought about the city’s current tree-lined streets and parks for all to enjoy. The community is also tackling insects, pests, and diseases that can harm these trees so that future generations can continue to enjoy a flourishing place to call home.

It all started with one miner planting a few cottonwood trees. Now, these iconic and impactful trees of Sacramento are ensuring a healthier environment for all.

How Sacramento’s Trees Keep Life Flourishing

The impressive canopy coverage supports all forms of natural life in Sacramento, which helps balance out the tall buildings that are continuing to change the cityscape. Trees promote healthy living, better mental and physical health, and more time outside. However, trees also help the plant and animal life thrive in Sacramento, which helps humans in the process.

The City of Trees’ residents have shade in the arid summers to gather and enjoy much-needed time outdoors. The trees also promote travel and tourism, spawning documentaries like Made in the Shade, which covers this show-stopping feat of having planted thousands of trees over the years.

Who Contributed to Making the City of Trees in Sacramento?

Today, forestry professionals, interested members of the public, volunteers, and organizations like The Sacramento Tree Foundation all contribute time and money to this thriving green area. All of these people play a vital role in keeping the city’s trees in good condition and encouraging planting and participation from local communities. However, tree lovers, local Boy Scouts, the Science Teachers Association, Sacramento’s Chamber of Commerce, and many others also deserve credit for the tree life here.

This urban forest not only makes the city more visually appealing—it also decreases carbon emissions. That’s why the Sacramento Tree Foundation has worked so hard to promote the importance and beauty of trees in the area, as well as the following:

  • Help residents decide which trees to plant based on soil needs and ideal conditions. 
  • Create tree tour guides that people can reference in neighborhoods, parks, and communities when looking for popular tree types.

How Many Trees Does Sacramento, California, Have Today?

Across the city on private and public property, Sacramento has over 1 million trees, including oaks, elms, redwoods, and more. However, residents and nature enthusiasts expand on these current efforts daily, planting more trees and making sure they’ll always have lasting beauty as part of life in California’s capital city.

Locations Where Sacramento Lives Up to Its Nickname

If you’re looking for living proof that “The City of Trees” deserves its title, you won’t have to go far. Residents who participate in local events or attractions and spend time outside unintentionally come into contact with several interesting tree species and plant types on a daily basis. Check out these five of the many areas in Sacramento if you’d like to see them for yourself:

#1 Capitol Park

At Capitol Park, you can enjoy 40 acres of plant and tree life throughout the area. Hundreds of tree and shrub species thrive here, making it a stunning attraction for tourists and residents alike. People even plant trees in honor of their loved ones here.

You’ll find everything from native trees to species from across the country. It’s a morning run staple for many Sacramento residents and the perfect place to admire your favorite city’s best features. So, whether you’re in town for the day from Roseville or you’re staying for a while, you’ll want to take some time to relax in the park and ponder its phenomenal history.

#2 The Fabulous 40s

East Sacramento’s Fab Forties neighborhood (streets from 38th to 47th Street) is one of the most well-known places in Sacramento, California. You might recognize it from the movie “Lady Bird” or from the well-documented homes of countless famous individuals. It’s also home to a very old deodar tree that’s quite something to behold.

Just one look at this beautiful neighborhood, and you’ll easily see why it’s so popular. The quaint and picturesque feel of the homes and gardens here are unique, and the convenient location helps, too.

#3 McKinley Park

This stunning park has trees that date back to the 1800s, so they’ve no doubt seen a lot of changes in the area. Why not get a closer look at the beautiful foliage on the tree tour route from Sacramento Tree Foundation? Sacramento’s residents also love this park for hiking, walking, public yoga classes, picnics, or just reading a good book in the shade of an old tree.

With the scenic views, what’s not to love about this place? The most common tree types within the 32-acre park are elms, pines, and two types of redwoods that cannot but inspire.

#4 Southside Park

Did you know that Southside Park in Sacramento has more than 40 tree varieties? The area also has some incredible cherry blossoms every spring, but those are only one of many species to admire throughout the park.

#5 William Land Park

William Land Park has multiple attractions for tourists and residents alike. As you move through the area, be sure to take a look at some of the stunning trees on your journey. This park offers native and rare trees, ensuring everyone can find a favorite.

the city of the trees

Popular Types of Trees in Sacramento, California

You’ll find numerous tree species in The City of Trees. However, as in Folsom, Sacramento’s many oak trees remain prominent in the gorgeous greenery. According to the Sacramento Tree Foundation, there are 20 native oak tree species and 20 hybrids thriving in California!

Here are the top three native oaks:

#1 The Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii)

These trees do well in the hot, dry summers that the area experiences, so they are some of the most common oak trees in Sacramento County. This popular oak tree derives its name from the dark green and blue hues visible on its leaves. They’re certainly a beautiful sight to behold wherever you happen to be in Sacramento, California.

#2 The Interior Live Oak (Quercus wislizenii)

This evergreen oak has two different leaf shapes, depending on the tree’s age. The leaves are more jagged while young and smooth out as the tree gets older. It is resilient against the dry and hot temperatures that California experiences, which is why this tree contributes to Sacramento’s expansive and beautiful canopy.

#3 The Valley Oak (Quercus lobata)

The tallest of the three native oaks in Sacramento is the valley oak variety. People stand in awe of how big and beautiful valley oaks are, and while they thrive in deep soil, they’re highly adaptable with the right care. However, they don’t enjoy being water-logged.

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