Weed Delivery

You always tip for pizza, so why shouldn’t you tip for weed delivery? Your weed delivery guy deserves a little green of his (or her, or their) own. We’ll discuss some of the factors that go into deciding what sort of tip to leave your weed delivery driver in Sacramento, though, and let you decide for yourself. We’re not your parents, after all.

Is It Required To Tip Weed Delivery Drivers?

Technically speaking, no, it’s not. But it’s the right thing to do. Delivery drivers are unsung heroes in marijuana delivery as well as other service industries, enabling you get what you need while saving time and effort.

Most consumers may assume that delivery fees are the same as a tip, but that’s not always the case. Companies typically need to subsidize the cost of travel, vehicle maintenance, and so on.

How Much Does a Weed Delivery Driver Make, Anyway? Do They Need Tips?

Weed delivery drivers, much like your average budtenders, are generally paid a fair hourly wage. That doesn’t make them any less deserving of something extra for good customer service, especially if their counterparts at the dispensary are getting tips for assisting customers in-store.

If you’re the type of person who would tip someone for helping you at a dispensary, consider being the type of person who leaves a tip for weed delivery as well.

Are There Any Rules Or Laws About Tips For Weed Delivery? Is It Legal?

Despite our insistence that it’s good practice, there are no “standard guidelines” for weed delivery tipping. It is absolutely legal for a marijuana delivery driver to receive a tip for their delivery services.

While weed delivery is governed by some strict rules and regulations, they do not address the practice of tipping. Don’t penalize your weed delivery drivers for adhering to those laws, either. For example, know and respect, in advance, that you need a valid ID to get weed delivered.

How To Calculate The Weed Delivery Tip

If you decide you’d like to leave a tip for your weed delivery service, you’re awesome and we salute you! Any delivery service worker should be compensated appropriately.

A typical tip (in general) is between 10% and 20%, where most people err on the side of a higher tip for quality service or a greater total amount. The cannabis industry is no different than others when it comes to paying delivery drivers! Some extra cash can mean a lot.

We suggest that you consider the following factors when calculating your driver’s tip:

Factor In The Distance

When you’re getting weed delivered in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, consider precisely how far you’re asking your delivery guy to drive. You might be asking them to deal with traffic, or you might be asking them to drive down the street. In general, try to show your appreciation and compensate the delivery driver a little more if it was a long trip.

Consider The Value Of Your Order

If you’re ordering $50 worth of cannabis delivery, 10% would be a flat five dollars. By that logic you’d want to tip $10 for a $100 order, or $15 for a $150 order. But is 10% too much or too little? Tips are entirely subjective, based on your experience and the services rendered.

What About The Service Provided?

Did they go above and beyond, offering insight, advice, or even conversation? A smaller tip would be unbecoming at this point!

In all seriousness, use your best judgment. Delivery drivers really do deserve more than just a high five — they’re fleshy people with their own hopes and dreams. The least you can do is give a tip for weed delivery.

Other Miscellaneous Questions

Did you ask your driver to come out in the rain? Is your house hard to find? Was the service exemplary? Weed delivery customers should consider a variety of factors that contribute to the quality of the service received.

Some services offer a method of tipping within the delivery app, but nobody says no to cash.

But Should I Tip For Medical Marijuana Delivery?

It’s preferable, yes. You could technically have gone out to a dispensary to pick up your cannabis, but you chose to use a delivery service instead, so the driver does deserve fair compensation.

Even if you have anxiety.

Weed Delivery in Northern California: NexusDelivers

With weed delivery services that span throughout Northern California, centralized in the Sacramento area, make NexusDelivers your go-to for cannabis delivery. When you have a good experience with our delivery drivers, please remember these factors and consider leaving them a tip to show your appreciation.