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How To Pack a Cone
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Cones are some of the most popular smoking devices and are the go-to choice for many cannabis users. They offer an impeccable smoking experience while making the rolling process much more convenient. However, many novice smokers don’t know how to pack a cone correctly, preventing them from fully enjoying their herb.

That’s why Nexus Delivers has created a step-by-step cone packing guide to teach you how to roll the perfect cone that will take your smoking experience to new heights. (Nervous? Don’t be.)

What Is a Cone?

Cones are a modern variation of the traditional joint. They are pre-rolled papers typically made from joint paper, a tobacco leaf, or a flavored blunt wrap and often feature a tip filter. They simplify the rolling process and make it easier for users to pack their flowers, allowing them to spark up without all the hassle. That said, cones can still be tricky to prepare for newcomers if they don’t know the correct cone-packing techniques.

Like rolling, there’s an art to cone packing. A properly packed cone provides a more enjoyable smoking experience and will burn evenly and more efficiently. Although cone packing might take some time to master, once you understand the correct techniques, you’ll produce an impeccably packed cone every time you want to unwind.

Rolling a Cone: A Tutorial

Many novice cannabis users find packing a cone easier than rolling a joint since it doesn’t require as many steps. Follow the steps below to learn how to pack a cone and ensure a superior smoking experience.

Step One: Grind Your Flower

Before packing your cone, grind the flower until it’s exceedingly fine. Granulated flowers burn more efficiently than dense nugs and often make each hit smoother. It also makes packing easier and diminishes the chances of clogging.

Break the nugs into small pieces and place them in your grinder. Turn the grinder’s top multiple times until the cannabis reaches your desired consistency. 

If you have a pollen catcher grinder, open up the middle chamber and pick out any seeds and stems within the granulated flower. If you have a traditional grinder or a model without a chamber, pour the cannabis onto a rolling tray and remove the stems and seeds.

If you don’t have a cannabis grinder, use your fingers to break the nugs into tiny pieces. The smaller the pieces, the better the smoking experience. Miniscule pieces also make the cone-packing process easier and more efficient.

Also, ensure you grind enough buds to fill your cone. Packing the cone too lightly will make it incredibly loose and hinder the smoking experience. 

Step Two: Fill the Cone With Herb

Once you grind your bud, place the graduated flower into the cone. Grab the cone’s filter tip or smaller end and hold the cone vertically with the large opening facing the ceiling. 

Use your other hand to place the bud into the cone until it’s completely full. You can also use tweezers if you don’t want your fingers to smell or get sticky. It’s important to note that you should lightly grasp the filter or stem to avoid damage and clogging.

You can also place the finely ground cannabis onto a piece of paper and fold it to move the bud to the center. Hold the fold over the cone and gently guide the bud into the paper. This can make the process easier but increases the likelihood of spillage. 

Step Three: Pack the Cone

After filling the cone to the brim, pack the cone to ensure an efficient and even burn. You can use a cone stuffer or slender household devices like:

  • Chopsticks

  • Pencils

  • Pen caps 

  • Paper clips

Continue packing the cone until it’s relatively tight and compact. You may need to top off the cone with more cannabis to prevent it from becoming flabby. Remember, you’ll need to seal the cone later on, so leave some room at the top to make it easier to secure.

You can also pack the cone as you fill it with cannabis. This can make the process faster but isn’t necessary or recommended for novice smokers. 

Step Four: Seal the Cone’s End

Once your cone is nice and compact, carefully twist its end to seal it and create a wick-like device without ripping the paper. This makes the cone easier to light and helps it burn evenly. After rolling the cone’s end, light it and enjoy your perfectly rolled cone.

how to pack a cone

Additional Cone Filling Tips for Beginners

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of packing a pre-rolled cone, you can perfect the art with a few additional cone-filling tips. Below are a few tips for exceptional cone packing for beginners.

Always Pack the Cone Tightly

The biggest mistake new smokers make is packing their cones too loose. A loosely packed cone can hinder the smoking experience by making it harder to pull from. It also makes it harder to stay lit and will likely go out prematurely. Always properly pack your cone to ensure it hits optimally and stays lit throughout your smoke session.

However, packing your cone too tight can also adversely affect its quality and your experience. Overly packed cones limit airflow and make it hard to hit. Over-packing also increases the chances of the paper tearing or the stem bending, destroying the cone. You want a relatively compact cone that provides adequate airflow without being too floppy.

Purchase Smoking Accessories

Many smoke shops carry cone packing and rolling accessories that make the process faster and more efficient. Cone packers are some of the most helpful packing devices and are readily available at most smoke stores. These devices are long, slender sticks similar to chopsticks that help you pack deep cones, leading to a more enjoyable smoke. Many cone manufacturers include packers in their products, so always look for one in your set before purchasing one independently. 

Grinders are also incredibly useful and mince cannabis to the perfect consistency. They make the packing process much faster and prevent your hands from becoming smelly and sticky. Large grinders also make ideal short-term storage devices and keep your flower safe and secure.

Use a Rolling Machine

Several smoke shops also carry cone-rolling machines that make the process nearly effortless. These machines handle most of the filling and packing for you and guarantee an optimally packed cone. Most are easy to use and can pack several cones at once.

Keep Everything Even

Having an evenly packed cone ensures an optimal smoking experience. Many newcomers use too much pressure to back their cones, causing the flower to flow to one side more than the other. Applying too much pressure can also rip the cone and waste the paper.

Improper and uneven packing can also bend the cone and prevent it from burning correctly. Always gently pack the cone while ensuring even cannabis distribution.

Packing Cones or Rolling Joints: Which Is Best?

Many new smokers don’t know the difference between packing cones and rolling joints. Although both share numerous similarities, rolling joints is much harder and takes more time to master. 

Pre-rolled cones remove several steps from the joint rolling process and ensure an evenly rolled paper. Many novice smokers roll their joints unevenly or too tightly, causing several issues that make smoking less enjoyable. Improperly rolled joints can also waste weed and cause canoeing (when the paper burns unevenly, causing it to look like a canoe).

If you’re new to rolling, it’s best to master cone packing before manually rolling your joints. 

What’s the Difference Between Joints and Blunts?

Blunt papers are also exceedingly popular and typically last longer than traditional joints and cones. Manufacturers use tobacco leaves to create blunt papers, giving users a slight nicotine high as they enjoy their cannabis. Blunts usually require more bud than joints and provide a smokier flavor.

Many people find blunts harder to roll than joints and cones since they have a denser consistency. Some blunt papers don’t feature a sealing gum, furthering the rolling process’s complexity. 

Once you learn how to pack a cone and master the art of joint rolling, consider learning how to roll a blunt. This will make it much easier to learn since joint and blunt rolling utilizes similar techniques.

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