In California, you’re lucky to have the option to go to a dispensary or to order weed delivery – but one is far more straightforward than the other, right? Wrong. Ordering weed delivery is actually incredibly simple!

NexusDelivers is a weed delivery service that delivers throughout Northern California, with a focus on the Sacramento area.

Whether you need medical marijuana or recreational marijuana delivery services, we’re able to help! Follow along with the steps below and we’ll help you get that weed delivery before you know it.

How Do Weed Delivery Services Work?

Elementary, my dear stoner. Cannabis delivery services work, either through a website or an app, to bring the dispensary experience directly to your door.

As with other delivery service websites, there is an online shop you can order from.

In-stock items can be placed in your shopping cart, and generally, you can check out with a debit card, certain payment apps, or promise to pay with cash upon receipt.

Weed Delivery In 5 Easy Steps

We’ll go through it slowly and simply, so even the highest of kites can comprehend.

1. Create an account and log in

Once you’ve chosen the cannabis delivery service you’d like to use, make sure to create an account on their website.

For NexusDelivers, you’ll want to click on that friendly little person-shaped icon in the top-right corner to log in or sign up.

Please keep in mind that we do require a valid phone number to make sure we can contact you for your deliveries!

But wait! Check your address first!

There’s a tool when you click “sign in” that will let you verify if you qualify for our weed delivery services in the first place.

Some locations may be a little too far outside of our delivery radius, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

2. Shop til you drop

Browse our online shop — our catalogue of cannabis products — to your heart’s content!

The minimum order to qualify for delivery services is $50 in most areas. Please consult our service area listing to quickly reference it.

Clicking on a product will bring up its information, including its size, THC content, and even if it’s indica, sativa, or hybrid. Just “add to cart” to choose the products that suit your fancy, from flower to pods.

3. Check the clock

When will you get your delivery? Surely you want to optimize your order so you’re waiting less and getting more! Pay attention to the operational hours of the business you’re ordering from, or whether certain areas receive delivery services at specific hours.

With NexusDelivers, if you order weed delivery after 4pm, it will be delivered the next day.

4. Pay up

Weed delivery services generally don’t let you pay with ApplePay, Venmo, or Zelle. NexusDelivers accepts CashApp and debit card at checkout, and we also offer the option to use cash.

And don’t forget to tip your delivery driver at the end of it all!

5. Play the waiting game

Your weed delivery is on its way, so sit back and pre-relax (prelax?). Get your driver’s license ready to show the driver, too.

Congrats, you’ve managed to successfully order weed delivery!

What Else Do You Need To Know?

There are sometimes exceptions to rules. When getting weed delivery in California, or anywhere else, local ordinances and laws will always come first.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Weed Delivered?

In case you were wondering, there is indeed a minimum age requirement for ordering weed delivery.

If you’re getting medical cannabis, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, with a valid ID to back it up. For recreational use products, delivery drivers will be making sure you’re at least 21.

How Much Weed Can You Order At Once?

There is a legal limit, which is technically a little higher for those with a state ID card for medical marijuana use.

Generally, it’s around one ounce — but we’ll let you know if you try to order too much, so don’t worry if you’re already too high to count.

Can I Get Weed Delivery Somewhere Other Than My Home?

A private, residential physical address is required for all weed delivery. You can technically get weed delivered at your friend’s house or your grandma’s house, but not while you’re getting a bite to eat at your local fast food joint or movie theater.

Any Other Regulations I Need To Be Aware Of?

Although cannabis laws and regulations aren’t often punishing in the Golden State, it’s always a good idea to read up on them and keep them in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Bringing Weed Delivery To You In Northern California

Hopefully, the process was easy enough for you!

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so don’t hesitate to reach out and communicate with us — we love receiving reviews at NexusDelivers, and we’re here to answer your questions by phone if you give us a call as well.


Best Places To Smoke Weed in Sacramento
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Ever since California made the use of recreational marijuana legal, the state has held a special place in the hearts of weed smokers. Where else can you enjoy lovely weather and stunning scenery while you light up a joint or two?  Read on, and we’ll talk about the best places to smoke weed in Sacramento.

As far as cannabis-friendly environments go, few come close to what Sacramento provides. On top of the numerous dispensaries, the city also has some of the best places to smoke weed.

Are you unfamiliar with these hidden gems? You are in luck. We are going to list some of the best locations to take a few puffs.

What You Should Know About Sacramento’s Weed Laws

Before sharing our list of the best places to smoke weed, we thought we’d start with a crash course on the city’s marijuana laws. Yes, recreational cannabis is legal. However, there’s a bit you still need to keep in mind.

For starters, it is illegal to smoke weed in public spaces and on federal property. Doing so could see you part with up to $100. If you are caught smoking within 1,000 feet of a school or youth center, the fine could be as much as $250.

What about growing weed? The city does allow you to grow cannabis plants on your private property. Just be sure to keep the number of plants below six.

Other stipulations you’ll need to remember include:

  • You must be 21 or older to smoke
  • You can’t carry more than an ounce of weed on your person
  • Edibles can only contain 10mg of THC
  • The city will penalize you for driving while smoking or consuming cannabis
  • You cannot carry marijuana across state lines

Best Places To Smoke Weed in Sacramento

Legally speaking, there aren’t many places to smoke weed in the city. It’s often better to only smoke on your own private property. If you want to smoke while out in the city, you’ll want to do your research on all local regulations and make sure that you’re aware of the penalties.

That said, some people do choose to smoke in public, despite the risks, and many have preferred places to do so; we’ve listed the top eight below.

1. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is more than just an iconic landmark. Overlooking the city’s sea-green waters, this yellow-toned bridge is one of the best spots to enjoy the view while high.

2. Sutter’s Landing Regional Park

Do you prefer taking a stroll through lush foliage and beautiful nature trails as you smoke? Then Sutter’s Landing Regional Park is the perfect place for you.

You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t smoking weed in public prohibited?” You are right. However, the park has a few designated areas where you can smoke. These areas are hidden from the general public, which means you can enjoy your outdoor smoke without getting into trouble.

3. Weed-Friendly Hotels

If you are traveling from out of town and are set to stay in a hotel, you might not have to wait to go back home to enjoy your weed.

No hotel will openly advertise that it’s okay to smoke joints on their premises. However, some hotels are kind enough to provide you with private balconies where you can discreetly enjoy your pot. You also have the option of opting for one of the many weed-friendly Airbnbs the city has.

4. Old Town Sacramento

Is there anything better than exploring your surroundings while high? We don’t think so, and something tells us, you feel the same way too. If we are right, then you should make a plan to visit Old Town.

It can get touristy, but that won’t get in the way of the many fun activities you can do. From shooting galleries to museum candy shops, there’s a lot to explore. You could even visit Delta King, a boat that doubles up as a hotel.

The highlight of Old Town is, hands down, the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Weed smokers love to indulge in cannabis as the parade’s festivities provide the perfect backdrop.

5. Cameron Park

If you would like a fun place to explore but don’t want to venture too far into town or nature, Cameron Park is ideal.

You will get to enjoy stunning views of the cityscape as well as a diverse range of wildlife. The best part is that, because of how close it is to downtown, grabbing food and drinks won’t be a hassle.

6. River Walk

Incredibly pretty, beautiful trees, stunning trail  the Sacramento River Trail has it all. What’s more, the riverside walking experience and breathtaking views at sunset only add to its appeal.

Not too crazy about the idea of walking a 5.5-mile trail? You can grab your bike and cycle along the river. If you don’t have your own bike, you can hire one in Old Town and connect from there.

7. Folsom Lake State Recreational Area

This might not be the most ideal place to light one up, especially with park rangers patrolling. It is one of the best places to explore when high, though. You can partake in a wide range of activities, such as fishing and kayaking.

8. Eldorado National Forest

Are you open to a day full of adventure? Then try out the Eldorado National Forest.

Located a few miles east of the city, this forest provides you with long hiking trails that go through open meadows and dense foliage. You also get to enjoy the unforgettable view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This setting offers an amazing experience with plenty of privacy. Just don’t forget to carry a few supplies since the forest doesn’t have any vendors or stores.

Where Never To Smoke

Just because recreational marijuana is legal in the city doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Limitations do still exist.

If you want to avoid any unpleasant run-ins with the law, there are a few places you should never smoke in, no matter your risk tolerance. Some of these areas include:

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs and bars
  • Parking lots
  • Streets, sidewalks, and alleys
  • Vehicles
  • Stores


Sacramento is a beautiful city that offers plenty of places for you to explore. Whether it’s a simple stroll along a trail or riverside path or reveling in the culture and excitement of Old Town, there’s something for everyone.

Every city has something to offer weed lovers, and Sacramento is no different. Even DC, a city you wouldn’t automatically relate weed with, has the Congressional Cemetery and Eighteenth Street Lounge.

It’s safe to say that the days when you had to hide cannabis consumption are long gone. While there are still legal limitations about where you can smoke, purchasing cannabis is easier than ever. You don’t need to go through the hassle of getting quality cannabis products; Nexus Delivers has got you covered.

Get the Best Weed From Nexus Delivers

Now that you have a list of the best places to smoke weed, the only thing missing is high-quality cannabis products. Fortunately, we are always ready to step in.

Simply browse through our extensive collection of products and make your pick. We will deliver it straight to your doorstep, regardless of where you are in Sacramento.


How Much Is a Zip of Weed?
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For anyone new to cannabis, the terminology for everything from different types of marijuana to the measurements used to sell specific quantities can be overwhelming. At first, it can feel like you’re learning a foreign language, and it’s easy to make mistakes when you aren’t sure what you’re buying. 

Areas that often include buyers include the common weed quantities and how much pot you get when purchasing a certain amount, especially when sellers use cannabis slang to describe products. For example, many novice users wonder, “How much is a zip of weed?” 

The short answer is that a zip is about an ounce of cannabis, or 28 grams. It’s the largest quantity you can purchase and possess from a dispensary at once. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marijuana vocabulary.

Understanding Weed Quantities 

Most dispensaries sell cannabis in bulk by weight or as pre-rolled joints. Purchasing in bulk usually means buying one of the following measures:

  •     Gram, or 1/28th of an ounce. This is one gram of weed, an amount that fits in the palm of your hand and typically fills a joint or two. A gram is sometimes called a dime or dime bag, as it’s often equivalent to about $10 worth of pot.
  •     A Dub, or dub sack, or 1/14th of an ounce. A dub is two grams of marijuana.
  •     An Eighth, or 1/8 of an ounce. This equals 3.5 grams and is the most popular option for occasional users who have a favorite cannabis strain. In cannabis slang, some people call this amount a slice, referring to the practice of cutting pizzas into eight slices.
  •     A Quarter, or ¼ of an ounce. This equals 7 grams. 
  •     A Half, or ½ an ounce. An ounce equals 14 grams.

Finally, to confirm, “How much is a zip of weed?” it equals one full ounce. Some have suggested that the name has something to do with the fact that this amount of marijuana usually comes in a Ziploc bag. Dispensaries often use these bags to keep cannabis fresh and reduce odors, making transport easier.

A zip usually resembles a few nugs or smokable portions of the cannabis flower. To help you visualize how much cannabis you get, think of a large apple or a good handful of buds. Depending on the strain, the individual buds max out at about the size of a golf ball.

However it looks or whatever storage method you use, it’s a lot of product that can last for quite some time if you use it sparingly. 

Some customers ask about purchasing more than a zip of weed or want to know how many zips equal one pound. A pound is 16 ounces, so 16 zips would equal one pound of marijuana. However, no one can legally purchase that much cannabis at once, and it would be prohibitively expensive for most buyers.

How Much Does a Zip of Weed Cost? 

Weed prices vary wildly depending on a wide range of factors, including the strain, where you purchase it, and, of course, the amount you buy. 

As a general rule, when you’re buying from a dispensary in a state with a well-established recreational marijuana industry, you’ll pay less for products than you would in a state that only recently legalized recreational use. Areas that only allow medical cannabis use have the highest prices. 

However, the strain of weed you choose will have a greater influence on the overall cost than the location. Strains with high levels of THC, like Wedding Cake, cost significantly more than those containing more moderate or lower amounts. The overall quality of the product, its availability, and demand also influence how much you’ll pay for your supply.

In any case, you should expect to pay at least $100 or more for a zip of quality cannabis. 

Should You Buy a Zip of Marijuana?

Now that you know “How much is a zip of weed?” the question is whether you should purchase one. That answer depends on a few key factors, too. 

For starters, what is your experience using cannabis? If you have never used marijuana before, or you only smoke on occasion, buying a zip makes little sense. It takes time and trial and error to determine which cannabis strains you enjoy the most, which ones offer the most benefit to you, and whether you even like using cannabis. 

If you invest in a zip before you have some experience under your belt, you could end up with a lot of weed that is either too potent or not potent enough or something you don’t enjoy using. Inexperienced or casual users are better off buying pre-rolls to try different strains to find the one they like best or sticking to smaller quantities of weed like grams and dubs. 

How Long Does a Zip of Weed Last? 

How long an ounce of marijuana lasts depends on your consumption habits. For someone who smokes a daily joint, a zip will last about a month or so, depending on how much cannabis you pack in. If you only partake a few times a week, your stash will last much longer. 

Overall, you can usually expect to get anywhere from 28 to 56 joints, nine to 14 blunts, or 56 bowls from a zip of weed. If you typically use cannabis for edibles, an ounce should last for months since you only need a small amount for each recipe. Adding a whole ounce to any baked good or other edible will make the finished product too potent for even the most experienced user. 

How To Store a Zip of Weed 

One of the challenges of buying weed in bulk is finding the best way to store it to preserve its freshness. Cannabis can lose potency and flavor over time, especially if you don’t store it correctly. 

Ideally, you should keep your stash in an airtight container like a mason jar or designated stash box. Store the container away from heat or light, which can cause the buds to deteriorate in quality. Managing humidity is also important; consider using silica gel humidity packs to absorb extra moisture.

The optimal temperature for weed storage is about 68 to 77 degrees, with a humidity of about 60%. If you store your zip in a cool, dry, dark area, it should retain its freshness for several months or longer. 

Is It Legal To Purchase a Zip of Marijuana?

Some customers, upon realizing the actual amount of pot in a zip, wonder whether it’s legal to purchase and possess that much. State laws vary, but in every state where recreational marijuana is legal, it is legal to buy and have at least one ounce, or the equivalent of a zip. In some places, the law allows individuals to have larger weed quantities for medical use or under certain conditions. 

For example, Massachusetts allows you to have up to one ounce of marijuana on your person at any given time, and you can store up to 10 ounces under lock and key at home, while California only allows possession of up to an ounce. As the consumer, it’s up to you to know and abide by the laws in your state to avoid criminal charges or penalties. 

Also Read: a Few Weed Laws

Order High-Quality Weed in Your Preferred Quantity from Nexus Delivers 

Whether you prefer pre-rolls or an eighth or want to invest in a full zip, Nexus Delivers is the top source for quality cannabis in the Sacramento, CA, area. Get answers to questions like “How much is a zip of weed?” and then choose from a wide selection of flowers, edibles, cartridges, topicals, and more from your favorite brands. Order online and have products delivered to your door within a few hours. 

Check us out today and access the best products without hassles or needing to leave home. 


What Is a Cross Joint
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According to Ganjapreneur, a cross joint is a joint you can construct by combining small and large joints in the shape of a cross. The 2008 movie Pineapple Express made this unique joint form quite popular, sparking interest among cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re curious about this interesting joint shape and creating one of your own, consider this helpful article.

In this detailed cross joint guide, we’ll go over all the necessary supplies for rolling a cross joint and how to construct the perfect cross. We’ll also go over the pros and cons of making a cross joint. After reading, you can explore top-notch weed, as well as the supplies you’ll need to roll a cross joint, from Nexus Delivers in Sacramento, CA.

What You’ll Need To Roll a Cross Joint

Before embarking on your cross joint rolling adventure, you’ll need to gather several supplies, such as:

  • Large and small rolling papers
  • Your favorite weed strain
  • A rolling tray or flat surface
  • A roach or rolling tips
  • A lighter
  • A grinder

You’ll also need some type of small tool to add holes to your fat and small joints. You can use a needle, paperclip, thumbtack, or small screw, depending on your preferences. 

how to roll cross joint

How To Make a Cross Joint

Now that you’ve found all the necessary supplies, it’s time to learn how to roll a cross joint. Follow these simple steps, and you’re on your way to a unique cannabis smoking experience. 

1. Create Your Perfect Flower Mixes

Since you will roll two joints and combine them, you need to have a fair amount of cannabis at your disposal. Some cannabis fans like to use all of the same strain for both joints, while others prefer to mix two strains that pair well together. It’s all up to what you prefer for your experience.

Make sure your cannabis isn’t extremely dry so it’s easy to grind down into small pieces. You should also make sure that the weed is compact and won’t come out when you construct the cross joint. Using a high-quality grinder from a trusted retailer is the best way to get your cross joint off on the right foot. 

2. Roll a Large Joint

You should start by rolling a fat joint that you pack well with your preferred mix. You need to have an appropriate amount of thickness to hold the small joint inside and keep the cannabis in. Form the mouthpiece with the roach, then seal off the opposite end. 

The hole for the cross joint is ideally 3/4 of the way from the roach side. The joint will look like a cross if you construct it this way, and you’ll have the most fun smoking experience. You could also use a large pre-roll, but you have to know that you can find or craft a smaller joint to pass through it.

3. Roll a Small Joint

Next, roll a small joint that is thinner than your first one. This joint is smaller than the first, as it will need to fit inside it without breaking either piece. Since you’ll light both ends of the joint, you need to close off both ends and omit using a roach. 

Rolling trays or a rolling apparatus can make the building of your joints much easier. You can take some of the hard work off your plate with one of the latest and most trusted tools in the industry. Some people prefer hand creation, while others prefer a reliable finished product, but consider how adding one of these tools could make creating your cross-shaped joint quicker.

4. Add Holes to the Smaller Joint

You can either poke multiple tiny holes in your small joint or one in the middle, but the choice is entirely up to you. The hole (or holes) provide adequate airflow and allow the smoke to travel between the joints. You should not have holes in any other places besides where they’ll connect.

Some tools you can use to poke holes in your smaller joint include the following:

  • A needle
  • A toothpick
  • A 3mm screw

While you might have a pen or pencil handy, it’s best to utilize something else to make your hole to avoid contamination. Remember to always choose a clean tool.

5. Poke a Hole in the Larger Joint

After finishing the small joint, you can move on to the larger one. Determine where on the larger joint you wish to place the smaller one, then begin constructing the hole. Starting from the mouthpiece, many people stop and make the hole 3/4 of the way down on the joint.

You can use a paperclip or needle to pierce the joint, then expand the diameter until you’re satisfied. Additionally, you can use a 5 mm diameter screw to produce a clean and uniform hole in the joint. This is especially helpful if you already used a 3 mm diameter screw for the other joint.

6. Connect To Make a Cross

Slowly push the small joint through the hole in the larger one. It’s crucial to make sure the holes in the small joint connect with the ones in the fatter joint. This ensures that the air can travel properly between the two and you’re not wasting any cannabis in the process. 

7. Seal the Two Joints

Now that you’re proud of your joint construction, you’ll need to form an airtight seal between the cross pieces. This is perhaps the most important step in the process and could make or break your smoking experience. Glue strips from rolling papers can help create a strong seal and prevent any air loss from the connected holes. 

Wrap every side of the hole multiple times until you know the cross is secure. You can wet the glue strip to ensure no raising or gaps occur. Once you’ve patched everything up and checked that your cross joint is as perfect as you can make it, you’re ready to smoke. 

8. Light Up and Enjoy Smoking!

It’s time for the fun part you’ve been waiting for. Light up all three ends of your cross joint, and have a great time! You might need to have a friend help you light them all at the same time, and you could share your new creation with your companions. 

You could also light the thicker joint first, then the two smaller ends. However you do it, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. Cross joints are exciting party tricks and fun to show off as an impressive feat that your friends or acquaintances might want to try themselves.

Pros and Cons of Making a Cross Joint

Cross joints are slightly complex and time-consuming to make, and other ways of smoking are much quicker and easier. Therefore, you might wonder why someone would try to make a cross joint in the first place. Besides pure boredom and curiosity, people create cross joints as another fun thing to try or cross off their cannabis-related bucket lists.

Consider the following key advantages and disadvantages of making and lighting up a cross joint:

Perks of a Cross Joint

While cross joint smoking is not typically part of the normal smoke session, it could become a fun treat for you and your friends. If you’re on the fence, think about the positives. Some benefits to trying this out include:

  • It offers a quicker delivery of the smoke/cannabis.
  • It provides a new way to change up your smoking experience.
  • You can expand upon your cannabis rolling skills to include cross joints.
  • You could create cross joints as gifts or party favors for a fellow enthusiast.

If you have the time, patience, and resources, it can’t hurt to give cross joints a try. You can show off your new skill at the next party or smoke session and amaze your friends and guests. You could also recommend anyone who wants to make one to this helpful article!

Downsides of a Cross Joint

Before getting started, it’s good to learn about any potential disadvantages of cross joints, such as:

  • You could end up completing one of the steps incorrectly, having to start over or ending up with a less-than-perfect joint.
  • You might waste cannabis when attempting to make a cross joint.
  • The three burning points may use more cannabis than necessary for your high.

If you’d rather not take the risk, you can skip creating a cross joint at your next rolling session or leave it to one of your skilled friends. Creating a cross joint means you need to have some patience and the right materials, but with Nexus Delivers, you can easily get all of the weed and some of the tools you’ll need.

Enjoy High-Quality Weed From Nexus Delivers

Now that you’ve learned about one of the most unique rolling techniques, you’re well-prepared to create a cross joint. If you decide that’s too much effort, just order edibles or pre-rolls instead!  Nexus Delivers brings it right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the Sacramento area – and you can even order from us online.


The United States has no shortage of weird laws on all sorts of topics, including weed. Even though a handful of states have legalized recreational marijuana and even more have approved it for medicinal use, lawmakers do everything they can to stand in the way of weed consumption and purchase.

These laws are good for a laugh, but when you look closer, they only harm businesses and prevent consumers from getting pain relief and seeing all the other benefits that come with cannabis use. 

This post discusses some of our favorite weird weed laws in the United States and internationally. Believe it or not, the United States isn’t the only country with strange laws around marijuana.

If this list makes you want to smoke, Nexus Delivers is here for you. We know all the weed rules in place in the State of California, and we can bring your favorite cannabis products straight to your door so you can maintain your buzz or relax for the first time all day.

happy to live in sacramento

No Weed Merch in Mass

Who doesn’t love a good piece of merch? Whether it’s a T-shirt from the Eras tour or a stress ball from your local chiropractor, everyone loves a branded novelty item. Well, that won’t fly in Massachusetts. 

Dispensaries can’t sell any branded merch or give away promotional items. It’s unfortunate for consumers who want to represent their favorite place to buy weed and for dispensaries who miss out on extra revenue and the opportunity to build brand awareness.

Font Restrictions in Oregon

Oregon has one of the more peculiar weed legalities we’ve come across. Graphic designers can’t flex their creative muscles too much because they’re restricted when it comes to font choices. They can use only 80-point size, and they have to use either Arial or Times New Roman. Sounds like someone was high when they came up with that rule.

Maine Adds a Meal Tax

Edibles are extremely popular all over the United States. They’re a great alternative for people who want to enjoy cannabis but don’t smoke. Maine makes it difficult to purchase edibles without a medical marijuana card, and they add a 7% meal tax to every edible purchase. 

Getting the munchies in Maine will cost you extra even before you consume your edibles. It’s one of the strange cannabis restrictions that you just can’t get around if you live in Maine.

You Can Buy Weed in Arizona – If You’re Psychic

If you love weird marijuana legislation, you’re in for a treat. Arizona has plenty of dispensaries that offer quality marijuana products, but good luck figuring out where they are. If you want to enjoy weed recreationally and not solely for medical purposes, you’re going to have a hard time.

Arizona only shares names of licensed dispensaries with medical marijuana patients with official registration certificates. Anyone can buy weed in Arizona, but they won’t tell you where.

Extra Fees in Arizona 

Arizona dispensaries have another weird ordinance they have to put up with. It’s not unusual for every business to owe an annual fee in order to retain their business license. If an Arizona dispensary changes its location or alters its business name, it has to pay an additional fee, and that doesn’t come cheap.

Connecticut Weed Is Bussin, But Not Lit

Connecticut is the next location in our overview of weird weed laws. Like Oregon, Connecticut has strange legislation for signage. No medical marijuana dispensary may use an illuminated sign to advertise weed products.

If you want to buy marijuana products in Connecticut, you’ll have to figure out how to do it without the aid of an illuminated sign guiding the way.

Outdated Advertising in Delaware

Surprisingly, Delaware allows dispensaries to advertise marijuana sales, but there’s one problem. They can only advertise in directories and phone books. Great for anyone over fifty, but most people haven’t looked at a phone book in years.

It seems that the angle lawmakers are going for is to limit sales by keeping the public in the dark about local dispensaries. It lets lawmakers off the hook because they allow advertising, just in a rarely-seen medium.

Nevada Is for Squares. When it Comes to Fonts, at Least

If you thought Nevada was the place to go for nonstop fun, you haven’t run into the people who assign weed regulations. The state legalized recreational marijuana in 2017, and today, it still has to adhere to an oddly specific font rule: no italics allowed.

The rule states that all weed products must have a label with font at least 8-point size, and it cannot be in italics. Additionally, the dispensary can only advertise its name and logo in sans-serif fonts. As everyone knows, serif fonts are the gateway to hard drug use, right?

What the H Do They Do in Michigan?

Talk about quirky weed laws; Michigan just spells marijuana any way they want. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 replaced the existing J with the letter H, and they just went with it. Michigan Public Health Code still uses the alternate spelling.  

With formal communication and on legal documents, “marihuana” is still considered the correct spelling. For informal communication, “marijuana” is acceptable. Some people try to avoid confusion completely by using the term “cannabis.”

The Michigan Legislature would have to step in and officially change the spelling, so most people just roll with the unusual spelling.

If You’re California Sober, Don’t Get Caught on a Boat

California famously legalized weed for medical use in 1996. Even though it is now legal for recreational consumption as well, California didn’t miss out on the chance to issue a strange law. It is illegal to transport weed by any means other than inside a vehicle or trailer, according to the requirements issued by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. 

Some of the types of transportation considered illegal are drones, railways, bicycles, and boats. If you’re planning to spend a day on the water, leave your weed at home, or you could face a large fine and other consequences. 

Keep Your Nose to Yourself in Washington and California

Going to a dispensary is a whole experience. Many people enjoy choosing a new strain based on its unique smell, and budtenders have a wealth of knowledge to offer for each flower. Washington and California are against fun, and they forbid giving customers the option to smell the product before they buy it. 

Washington and California both allow the sale of cannabis only in firmly sealed packaging. You’ll have to wait until you get home to find out whether you like the smell of the strain you chose.

Don’t Smoke and Do Auto Repair in Washington, D.C.

It sounds like Washington, D.C., just wanted to come up with an unusual weed law to stand out. The District of Columbia does now allow marijuana sales in any business that sells gasoline or offers auto repair. 

Washington, D.C. enacted one of the more bizarre marijuana ordinances, but it might not even be necessary. 

Just Give Weed Away

It’s legal to use recreational marijuana in Washington, D.C., but it’s not legal to buy or sell it. Huh?

Don’t worry, there’s a loophole. Businesses can give it to customers as a gift if they purchase a non-cannabis item first. You can go buy some digital art, and the kind salespeople will just give you weed for free (wink, wink).

Religious Freedom in Jamaica

The United States isn’t the only place with odd cannabis statutes. Jamaica decriminalized marijuana use, but locals and tourists alike may end up slapped with a fine if they’re caught smoking.

People who practice the Rastafari religion are exempt from this law. In Rastafarianism, cannabis is a sacred plant used in teas and meals to promote spiritual growth.  

Weed Is Illegal in Switzerland – or Is It?

While Swiss citizens are generally in favor of legalizing marijuana, the government has yet to legalize it, mostly. The government legalized the sale of cannabis products containing up to 1% THC. Businesses quickly took hold of the new ruling, and you can now find this new strain of marijuana in tobacco stores throughout Switzerland. 

The new ruling is popular because consumers enjoy lower stress levels and better sleep after consuming THC. 

Festival Exemption in Nepal

In Nepal, the Hindu religion holds a similar reverence for cannabis. They believe it aids personal development and helps relax the mind during meditation. Even with these beliefs, Nepal has not chosen to legalize cannabis. 

There is one exception when it comes to cannabis consumption in Nepal. During the Maha Shivaratri Festival, Hindus may legally consume hashish, which is a mixture of herbs, cannabis resin, and sometimes tobacco.

Looking Toward Future Legalization

There aren’t a ton of places where weed is totally legal for recreational and medicinal use. Uruguay set the tone for the rest of the world when it became the first country to completely legalize marijuana. Though not every country has made it legal, a few, like South Africa and Canada, have at least moved to decriminalize it. 

Some countries are less progressive, and anyone caught possessing weed could end up in rehab and paying steep fines. All of these weird weed laws are just a reminder that though some states and countries have legalized marijuana, it is generally unacceptable to individual states and lawmakers.

Even with all these weird laws, it’s not illegal for you to order a mobile weed delivery in Sacramento. Nexus Delivers has everything you need for your favorite kind of high, including pre-rolls, edibles, and extracts, and we bring it right to you. Shop online, or reach out to us with questions by calling 916-709-4137.

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Are you interested in smoking weed for the first time? Many people are curious about diving in but have several questions or concerns that make them hesitate. Having a better understanding of what you’re doing and how smoking weed works can create a more enjoyable experience. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain various methods for weed smoking and helpful tips for beginners. We’ll also explain what expectations you should have and why purchasing from a reputable dispensary is key. After reading, contact Nexus Delivers in Sacramento, California, online or in-person to explore everything you could possibly need for a positive weed-smoking experience.

Ways To Smoke Weed: The Most Popular Methods

You actually have several options for smoking weed. You can use a pipe, dab rig, flowers with some type of wrap, or a disposable pen. Some people opt for tinctures or edibles. Knowing how these methods differ can help you decide between them.

Disposables or refillable pens are ideal if you’re not interested in lighting up and want something easier. Dabs are good for seasoned marijuana smokers, but there’s no reason why a newbie couldn’t try it out. Additionally, edibles are great for a fun snacking experience.

You must decide which form of cannabis delivery you prefer. Many first-time users start off with blunts or pre-rolls, but you can decide which method you feel most comfortable beginning with. The primary ways to smoke weed are as follows.


Dabs are not typically a choice for a first-time cannabis experience, but rather a method of smoking that mostly experienced participants try. The effects of smoking dabs are often stronger and involve the use of a torch and nail. With a dab rig (a type of water piece), you smoke a vaporized concentrate by inhaling through the mouthpiece, differing from the way you might inhale a combusted herb through a bong.

Smoking With a Pipe

Cannabis pipes are made from a multitude of materials, such as crystal and wood, but glass is perhaps the most popular. While bongs and water pipes require water, standard pipes are available as waterless options.

If the dry flower is too big, you’ll need to use your grinder to get it down to a smaller size. You can then pack the cannabis into the pipe, use your lighter, and inhale the smoke that follows. Pipes are often smaller and easy to use and store, making them a convenient way to smoke.

Blunts, Joints, Pre-Rolls, and Spliffs

Perhaps the most popular form of weed smoking is through rolling and lighting up the dry flower. You take a flower and dry wrap (often tobacco leaf paper), roll it, and use a lighter to smoke the cannabis through a blunt.

Joints are similar to blunts but have a thinner paper and provide a faster high, while spliffs (also called marijuana cigarettes) involve tobacco, dry flower, and rolling papers.

Pre-rolls mean that a dispensary has already completed the work for you, and all you’ll need to smoke is a lighter. No matter which of these types you choose, you’ll experience the effects of your cannabis faster than other methods. That said, the smoke will also enter your lungs.

Disposable Pens

These pens contain a charged battery and cannabis oil, ready to operate at your convenience. When shopping for disposable pens, you can choose from a variety of cannabis types, gram amounts, and brands. After you’re done with them, you dispose of your weed pens, as the name implies.

If you enjoy using a disposable pen, you might consider investing in a refillable pen, where you can change the battery and swap out the cart. Some products contain sativa, indica, or a hybrid. Chatting with your local dispensary employee can help you explore the best options.


Edibles are a discreet type of cannabis product that involves no smoking. If you’d like to try the smoking experience, you might consider consuming edibles another time. Edibles can have strong effects, depending on their strength, but take a bit longer to kick in.

Many edibles come in gummy form, with a huge selection of flavors to choose from, such as strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and more. You can also find delicious chocolate chip or birthday cake cookie edibles if you’re interested in having a tasty snack. Some dispensaries sell candy bars or brownies.


Tinctures are a liquid form of extract that you consume orally through a dropper. You will squeeze the dropper to release the liquid under your tongue, hold the liquid in your mouth for a couple of seconds, then swallow. If you find the taste bitter or strong, you can rinse your mouth with water.

Like edibles, tinctures are good if you don’t want to release smoke in the air. If you’re mindful of keeping smoke vapors away from family, friends, pets, or children, using either of these methods might suit your needs the best.

smoking weed first time

How To Smoke Weed for the First Time

When learning about marijuana consumption for novices, you’ll need to understand how the weed smoking process works. It’s best to start with less-potent weed and small amounts as a beginner. Once you’ve decided how you’ll smoke weed, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Gather everything you need. Having all of your supplies ready to go will help you get started without having to look for a lighter or papers. When you’re ready to go, find an area to smoke by yourself or with friends (though remember that smoking in public is illegal).
  2. Grind your weed into small pieces. Using a grinder makes the dry flower easier to smoke and provides a more uniform consistency. However, if you have a pre-roll, you can skip this step entirely and ignite the product to enjoy the smoke.
  3. Inhale the smoke slowly. When you light up one end of your blunt or spliff, you’ll inhale at the mouthpiece of the opposite end.

You should not participate in any serious activities after smoking cannabis. If you have to go to work, drive, or watch children for an extended period, smoking weed at a different time is best. Planning to have time free where you can simply relax and hang out is much safer.

Consider where you live and if smoking weed in your residence is acceptable. When smoking weed for the first time in certain areas, you may need to opt for a more discreet method — for example, if you live in an apartment. Smoking in a safe area with trusted companions is ideal for getting started.

Tips for First-Time Cannabis Users

You’ll have the best possible experience if you consider the following helpful tips:

  • Know the Common Effects: You might have a different experience than your friend or family member who smokes weed. Some of the most common symptoms you could experience include happy or euphoric feelings, increased appetite (the “munchies”), anxiety, improved sleep, or dry mouth. After smoking weed, a person may also have a harder time focusing or maintaining their coordination.
  • Store Your Cannabis Properly: You can keep your dry flower in the best possible condition until you’re ready to smoke by storing it in a clean, dry, and safe area. The last thing you want is to discover the quality has decreased or your next high isn’t as fun. 
  • Begin With a Lower Strain: Recommended cannabis dosing for beginners is 20% THC or less, though many products are available at 25 to 30% THC. You can always move up to a higher amount as you progress, but beginners should always start off small.
  • Address Red Eyes With Eye Drops: Having red eyes after smoking weed is typical since blood vessels get wider. However, applying some eye drops can eliminate this effect and combat redness, dryness, or any feelings of discomfort. 

Some times when you may not want to smoke cannabis are when you are sick, experiencing an intense cough, or having major lung and respiratory problems. Smoking weed could further irritate your body and might not achieve the desired results you want.

What To Expect When Smoking Weed for the First Time

What happens when you smoke weed for the first time? Everyone’s experience is different, depending on what kind of weed you smoke, your chosen smoking method, and more. However, you can generally expect fast, strong, and hopefully enjoyable results. 

It’s common to cough after smoking weed, no matter if you’re a seasoned smoker or a first-time cannabis user. Marijuana smoke is thick, so needing to cough is typical. Starting off with a small hit and working your way up over time is ideal so you don’t overdo it and have the best time.

How you feel after smoking cannabis depends on the type you smoke. You might feel extremely hungry and want to eat if you smoke, but you could also want to go right to sleep. For someone looking to expand their appetite or get some rest, smoking weed may prove helpful.

Weed with a lot of sativa can make you feel more energetic and social, rapidly talking to anyone around you. With indica products, you could feel more relaxed and simply want to engage in low-stress activities during the high. You might watch TV, chat with a friend, or listen to some music.

Purchase Your Weed From a Trusted Dispensary

Knowing exactly what’s in your flower, disposable, or edible is essential. Therefore, working with a reputable dispensary in your area is your best bet if you’re looking to smoke for the first time. The customer service team at your local dispensary is extremely knowledgeable about their products and can offer the best recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

It’s also safer to purchase products from a dispensary, as you never know what additives and substances you’re getting if you purchase a vaporizer or cartridge from a non-dispensary supplier. Staying safe and knowledgeable is key when participating in cannabis consumption.

In Sacramento, residents turn to Nexus Delivers for a wide selection of affordable and effective cannabis products. We offer everything from extracts, edibles, and flowers to pods, pre-rolls, and batteries. We even have great gear to explore, including pipes, t-shirts, and more!

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Enjoy Top-Quality Cannabis Products From Nexus Delivers in Sacramento, California

We hope this beginners’ guide to smoking weed can help make your first weed-smoking occasion an enjoyable one. If you still have some questions about smoking weed for the first time, Nexus Delivers is available to answer your questions. We have a well-maintained shop in Sacramento, California, and also offer convenient delivery services for our customers in the area to enjoy cannabis on demand.

Are you looking to buy some top-notch products from Nexus Delivers? You can order online or call us at (916) 709-4137. If this is your first time trying weed, we’ll make your experience enjoy


420 Events In Sacramento
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The legalization of marijuana opens the door to exploring ways to incorporate it into various activities, festivals, and even recipes. That’s evident by the cannabis scene taking off in locations such as Sacramento, California. For example, take the 420 events happening for smokers who like to exercise, senior citizens who want to learn more about cannabis’s benefits, or even business owners looking to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.

If you’re interested in these exciting 420 gatherings in the area but don’t know what’s out there, read on for a quick list of the options available. You’ll find a description of these events, along with a general idea of what to expect.

Still, it’s good to know that you don’t have to leave your home or one of these weed events if you find yourself out of your favorite bud in Sacramento—Nexus Delivers!

420 Events You Won’t Want to Miss | Sacramento, California

Tree Harvest Festival

The Tree Harvest Festival took place in 2019 as Sacramento’s very own version of the Mile High Festival for Colorado Cannabis Week. The festival offered a relaxed spot to buy weed and edibles while listening to live music. The highlights included cooking demonstrations, a watermelon-eating contest, and a themed art gallery.

Bend & Blaze Yoga

Bring your own cannabis or order a delivery to enjoy at this all-level yoga gathering. Yogi Eliza Maroney will guide you through the class specifically designed to help you unwind so that you can connect with yourself and the space around you. A curated playlist sets the tone for your journey as you stretch your body and honor your soul.

Notably, those new to yoga, festivals, or even the 420 Rally events are always welcome to attend and enjoy the vibe in their own way, even if they do not wish to partake.

Wellness Seminar

Cannabis has plenty of uses outside the recreational realm. Why not let one of the local wellness seminars open your eyes to the full medicinal benefits of this versatile plant? Learn about the different conditions cannabis can treat, such as insomnia, chronic pain, and stress, as well as how to dose cannabis to treat each condition.

Some people want to get high and relax. Others want to consume just enough cannabis for a good night’s sleep or pain relief. A wellness seminar is the perfect place to learn all of that and more.

4:20 Senior Social Hour

You may think that “420 events near me” only shows results for people in their early 20s, but you’d be mistaken! For example, Delta Boyz Dispensary and Lounge holds a one-hour smoking circle on the 20th of every month. It’s a great time for seniors to ask questions, learn about new products, and take the edge off.

Smokus Pocus

Cannabis was once something to consume in a dark corner when no one was looking but shows like Smokus Pocus are changing perceptions. It brings cannabis front and center with a touring magic show around everyone’s favorite recreational plant. The audience members can enjoy the weed-themed magic show, whether they’re smoking or not.

2nd Saturday Smoke-Out 

The Delta Boyz strike again with the 2nd Saturday Smoke-Out option. The event invites people of all different backgrounds to find a commonality in cannabis with live music from local artists, unique games, and refreshments for purchase. Themes change monthly, so the events are always fun.

Gateway Show

This is the perfect event if you love both comedy and cannabis. The touring show features local comedians who take the stage and give you their best set. Then, after a brief intermission where they get stoned out of their gourds, they take the stage a second time. 

Understandably, the second set is always funnier than the first, but not necessarily in the way the comedians intended. During the intermission, the audience can leave the venue to partake if they choose and return to enjoy the show as high as the entertainers on stage.

Puff and Paint Weed Events

You’re probably familiar with the painting classes where everyone drinks wine as they take an art lesson. Puff and paint classes do that with cannabis. For example, Denver, Colorado, hosts a class called Puff Pass Paint, but the idea is the same. 

It’s a great creative outlet even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. The classes are all about enjoying cannabis and creating something unique in your signature style. 

Cooking With Cannabis

Edibles aren’t restricted to just gummies laced with CBD and THC. A cannabis cooking class can open your eyes to the world of elevated eating. There’s everything from cannabis butter on toast to cannabis-infused teas to enjoy before bed, so go wild.

A Cannabis cooking class is a great way to imbibe culinary techniques. You can also connect with others who may want to organize a cannabis potluck one day.

420 events in sacramento

Cannabis Industry Business Mixer for Corporate Weed Events

Did you know that Sacramento’s 420 events aren’t only for those who consume cannabis? There are opportunities for entrepreneurs as well. For example, the annual Cannabis Industry Business Mixer welcomes industry professionals, whether they’re starting out or established in the niche.

It’s an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry, seek advice, and impress potential investors to grow a business in the area.

Another Amazing Option: A Cannabis Concierge

A growing niche that elevates the whole experience is the cannabis concierge. Much like a hotel concierge, their sole focus is to provide you with tailored options so that you have the best cannabis experience possible. The concierge does the footwork to find special events to attend and the best products available in the area and brings it straight to you.

If you’re visiting Sacramento from another state, a cannabis concierge is a must! It’s the perfect solution for anyone not familiar with the weed culture in the area because even though it’s legal, it’s not safe to smoke everywhere. A trusted cannabis concierge will be your guide so that you can avoid a fine for smoking in your hotel room or somewhere else that’s not allowed. 

And if you’re planning a weed-friendly event, your concierge can give you a list of 420-friendly car services, caterers, and venues to create the vibes you want!

420 Events Near Me: Plan a Retreat

Do you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal? Plan a retreat to the Sacramento area to enjoy a 420-friendly weekend with friends. Why not ask a concierge to help with the planning process? That way, you’ll find a welcoming venue and the product you want at the ready. 

Bring the 420 Event To You With Our Cannabis Delivery Service

With so many options available in Sacramento, you’re bound to find something perfect for your vibe. 

Plus, Nexus Delivers cannabis has same and next-day delivery options in the Sacramento area, whether you’re home or attending events that accept cannabis deliveries. Call 916-709-4137 to talk to our budtenders, or place your order online for a reliable and speedy delivery!


How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery
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Few things are more frustrating than getting ready to take a hit from your cannabis vape only to discover the cartridge is missing its battery. While you could buy a new cart battery, sometimes money and time don’t allow for a speedy purchase. So, what can you do in this situation?

It’s possible to vape without a cart battery, but it’s not the best thing to do. The guide below will show you how to hit a cart without a battery and explain its associated risks. 

What’s the Purpose of Vape Batteries?

Before you learn how to hit a cart without a battery, it helps to know how vape cartridges work. A cart is the top part of a vape pen that contains cannabinoid concentrate. It also holds the atomizer, coil, and other components essential for transforming cannabis concentrate into vapor.

However, vape pens need a power source, like a battery, for the cart’s coil to vaporize the concentrate. Since the batteries don’t have a lot of energy to power the cart indefinitely, you’ll have to recharge or replace them. 

How to Smoke a Cart Without a Pen

Cartridge batteries are small and easy to lose, so cannabis users often misplace them. You might also forget to purchase a replacement for a dead battery. Fortunately, 510-threaded vape cartridges are widely available, so you can always buy another one. 


If you’re short on time or don’t have much money and want to know how to hit a cart without a battery, you can get crafty with an Android charging cord. It’s a common practice among vape users due to the straightforward process. However, using a phone charger to fire a cartridge isn’t without risks, so proceed with caution if you choose to follow these steps.

1. Source an Android Charger and Disconnect the Port From the Charger

Before you can hit a cart without a battery, you need to source an Android phone charger. This process will destroy the cord, so make sure it’s one you don’t mind losing.

Next, you’ll need something to strip the cord’s insulation from the wires inside it. You can use scissors, wire strippers, or nail clippers.

Once you have these items, use the cutting tool to separate the charging port from the cord. The charging port is the part of the cord that goes into the phone, tablet, or other Android device. Do not make any cuts while the charger is plugged into a power source, and don’t cut the part of the cord that plugs into a USB block.  

2. Disconnect the White and Green Wires

Next, you’ll use your scissors or nail clippers to carefully cut away the rubber insulation covering the interior wires to expose them. You don’t want to take off too much rubber; leave enough of the cord intact to use later in the process. Once you expose the interior cables, you’ll notice they come in red, black, white, and green. The latter colors are unnecessary wires, so you can remove them.

3. Expose the Black and Red Wires

To fire a cart, you only need the red and black wires. After you get rid of the white and green cables, remove about two inches of covering from the red and black cables. 

These two Android wires are necessary because the red one serves as the negative lead, while the black one acts as a positive lead. When you have a cart battery in your vape pen, its connection acts as the positive lead, with the battery itself serving as the ground.

4. Put the Black Wire Inside Your Cartridge

Take a look at your vape cartridge to find a small round hole on its bottom. Sometimes, a bit of rubber on the bottom of the cart blocks this hole, so you might have to cut the material off to reveal it. Once you find the hole, carefully put the black wire into it. 

5. Place the Red Wire on the Exterior Cartridge

Now, you need to make a connection with the negative red wire to complete the power circuit. Do this by locating the metal surface on the cartridge’s exterior. Take the red wire and gently touch it to that area. 

6. Plug in the USB Cable and Hit Your Cart

Finally, plug the intact portion of the Android charge cord into a USB power source or USB block. If you perform all the steps correctly, you should immediately hear your vape pen hiss and see it producing cannabis concentrate vapor. You can hit the cart at this time but do so slowly. 

As soon as you take a pull off your vape, disconnect the circuit by removing the red wire. If you leave the circuit intact for too long, you could accidentally overheat your coil, resulting in wasted product. 



Using Android Chargers vs. iPhone Chargers When Hitting a Cart Without a Battery

A common question people ask when learning how to hit a cart without a battery is if you can substitute an Android charge cord with an iPhone charger. Technically, you can, but it’s not a good idea, and here’s why.

The primary reason why you can’t swap iPhone chargers for Android models on devices is that Apple wiring tends to be more complex than its competitors. So, you could follow a similar process to hit a vape cartridge with an iPhone charger, but you could easily become confused about its extra wires, which could potentially cause the hack not to work or, at worst, cause you to injure yourself. 

If you insist on using wires in place of vape cart batteries, stick with Android models only. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Hitting a Cart Without a Battery

Successfully performing the vape cart wire hack doesn’t ensure a pleasant vaping experience if you fall for common mistakes. For instance, people often inhale quickly and deeply because the pen will produce vapor immediately once you touch the red wire to the cartridge exterior and plug in the cord. Unfortunately, over-inhaling can quickly burn the cartridge, resulting in a harsh hit.

Another mistake people often make is failing to clean their cartridges or cleaning them improperly. A cart becomes dirty after multiple uses, which can lead to buildup accumulating in the airway. Without a clear airway, your cart won’t produce much cannabis vapor.

To clean your cartridge and use it efficiently without a battery, be sure to wipe it clean using a dry cloth after each use. You should also take the mouthpiece off the cart to soak it in warm water for several minutes. Doing this helps to eliminate buildup that could cause a clog.

Reasons Not to Hit a Cartridge Without a Battery

Crafting a vape cartridge power source is impressive despite its simplicity. Though it’s certainly possible to hit a cartridge without a battery, it doesn’t mean that’s the best thing to do. The hack is unnecessary in most situations, and its risks outweigh the benefits.

Here are several reasons you should find safer alternatives to firing a cart with an Android charger.

Vape Batteries Are Widely Available

As previously mentioned in the guide, 510-threaded cartridges are the most common variety on the market, making them the industry standard. That means you could easily find a substitute cart battery if yours is missing or out of power. 

Cartridge batteries are available in almost every reputable vape shop, and you can source them online. They’re not overly expensive either. Depending on your vape pen and preferences, you could buy a vape cart battery for as low as $5 or as high as $50.

You Can Purchase Multiple Batteries

No laws or rules state that you can only purchase one vape cart battery at a time. Just like people buy multiple phone chargers to ensure their devices always have power, you can purchase multiple backup cartridge batteries for your cannabis vape.

By purchasing multiple batteries at once, you can be confident that your vape pen will have sufficient power from a reliable source without the inconvenience of having to run out to the store or place an online order.

Hitting Carts Without Batteries Is Risky

You’re essentially playing with live wires when you use the Android charge cord hack to hit your vape cart. As such, you risk shocking or burning yourself on top of using your vape pen incorrectly due to the influx of electricity hitting the coil and atomizer. 

Visit Nexus Delivers for Cartridge Batteries and More

Understanding how to hit a cart without a battery doesn’t mean you must destroy your phone chargers and risk injuries. Instead, turn to our team at Nexus Delivers to get high-quality cannabis products and accessories at your front door. We have an impressive selection of edibles, extracts, prerolls, and vape batteries at affordable prices available for delivery to Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. 

Browse our inventory online before placing your order through our website, or call (916) 709-4137 for more information.

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Walk into your local dispensary, and there’s a good chance you might experience some sticker shock when you see the price of some weed varieties. When you recover, you might wonder what makes the most expensive weed strains different from their more affordable cousins and whether it’s worth shelling out hundreds (or, in some cases, well over a grand) for an ounce of weed. 

Every purveyor of pot has their own pricing structure and method for deciding what customers will pay for their herb. When it comes to the top-shelf products and most expensive strains of weed like Cannabis Caviar, which comes in at an average of $1,400 an ounce, many factors play a role in the price. 

It Costs HOW Much? What Determines the Cost of Your Smoke 

Like any product, supply and demand forms a huge part of the price of weed. The rarer the strain and the harder it is to get, the more it will cost the customer. 

For example, Alien Genetics, the breeder of the limited-time offering Fruity Pebbles, used several different cultivars to produce the strain known for providing an especially potent high to even seasoned smokers. Because Alien Genetics never feminized the breed, growers seem reluctant to spend $1,500 or more on seeds that may never grow, making the cultivar exceedingly rare. When you find Fruity Pebbles, prepare to open the wallet and drop some serious cash for it. 

What determines how much the dispensary charges for a strain relies on more than just its scarcity. Sellers have to consider additional influences like:

Growing Conditions 

Marijuana grows best in mild climates with a consistent temperature of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In less-than-ideal conditions, it loses potency, which affects the price. Growers often need to create the ideal growing conditions with lights and climate control, which increases their costs—which they pass on to buyers.

Market Conditions

Again, like any business, dispensaries have overhead costs, which factor into the cost of their offerings. For example, nearly every industry has felt the pinch of increased transportation costs over the past few years. High gas prices and delivery charges mean dispensaries have to pay more to get products from suppliers and, in turn, pass those increases on to customers. 

Local competition can also cause weed prices to increase. If a dispensary is the only local source for some of the rarest and most expensive weed strains, they can charge more for them than they could if other local shops carry the same options. When every seller in town has the same products, shopping for bargains becomes easier. 


The fact remains that illegal marijuana is almost always less expensive than legal pot. While we don’t recommend buying weed illegally since the consequences will undoubtedly cost more than the few dollars you save per ounce, you can’t ignore the fact that cannabis dispensaries are businesses and have expenses that a local “independent seller” simply doesn’t. 

Taxes serve as a huge contributor to the higher prices of legal weed. The taxes on cannabis are higher than those on alcohol, for example, because most states legalized it on the presumption that a portion of tax proceeds would fund important social programs.

Because the laws and financial codes surrounding legal marijuana sales require specific knowledge, dispensaries often need to hire lawyers and accountants to help manage their business and remain compliant. These professionals aren’t cheap, and when you consider that the store needs to pay for real estate, staff salaries, licenses, and more in addition to products, you can easily see why the prices for high-quality weed can reach astronomical heights.


Creating new strains of marijuana proves a complex process. Some of the most sought-after and high-dollar strains, like Isla OG and White Fire OG, result from careful breeding to create especially potent experiences. Skilled breeders use high-end equipment and world-class strains in their operations to create new and unique plants, but those efforts come at a price. 

What Is the Most Expensive Weed Strain?

As we mentioned, the most expensive weed strain on the market right now is Cannabis Caviar. Much like caviar is the most bougie food, Cannabis Caviar is the height of luxury when it comes to weed. At $1,400 an ounce, you might not have enough zeros in your bank balance to casually pick some up (if you can even locate some). Still, most members of the cannabis community agree that this remains the creme de la creme of weed. 

What makes Cannabis Caviar so special? It has the highest THC levels of any strain (32%). No one knows who created this exceptional strain of marijuana, but they do know the effects include euphoria and sedation, to the point where anyone without a high tolerance for weed will likely fall asleep pretty quickly after lighting up. 

One alternative to the hard-to-find Cannabis Caviar is Black Caviar, a very similar but slightly (and really, only slightly) less expensive option. Unless you have a baller’s budget, these strains will likely be an occasional treat rather than a casual smoke.

However, Cannabis Caviar isn’t the only spendy strain on the market. The Loud Dream strain, for example, runs about $800 an ounce. The indica-dominant cultivar remains a favorite for its ability to calm even the most tightly wound user while providing some mental clarity and energy to get through the longest Zoom session. The similarly priced Isla OG has a higher concentration of THC (25%), and the packaging approach (putting freshly cut buds into metal canisters to cure immediately after trimming) means it’s the freshest of any available strain. 

Another pricey strain, Oracle, also comes in at about $800 an ounce. Although cultivators initially claimed it contained extra high levels of THC—up to 45%!—testing showed that it actually has about 1% THC and a similar profile to significantly less expensive strains. Oracle makes a better option for people who don’t want to get stoned but still want the therapeutic benefits of relaxation and increased focus. 

Alternatives to the Most Expensive Strains of Weed 

When you don’t have a tech entrepreneur’s billion-dollar bank account, shelling out the equivalent of a mortgage payment on an ounce of pot probably isn’t in your budget. But continue reading for the good news: You can find plenty of less expensive alternatives that offer an exceptional experience without the price tag. 

One option is Cannabiotix Tropical Lemonade Flower, a fruity cultivar that tastes like summer and offers a joyful, euphoric high that helps you overcome fatigue with a burst of energy. At $350 per ounce, it ranks as one of Nexus Delivers’ most expensive offerings but still costs far less than other options. 

Another high-end Nexus product customers love is Clout King Wagyu Flower, a hybrid strain coming in at $300 per ounce. The distinctly meaty flavor makes this a unique smoke, and most users find that the high THC level gives it a major kick, followed by pain relief, relaxation, and mental clarity. 

For a fruitier smoke, try Wonderbrett Grapes of Wrath, a $300 per ounce hybrid with a mellow high that lets you relax and release mental stress. The overall experience of smoking Grapes of Wrath feels less intense than other cannabis strains, making it ideal when you just want to chill out for a while. 

Should You Buy Expensive Weed?

How much you’ll actually pay for an ounce of marijuana varies wildly by state, with an ounce in a weed-friendly state like Oregon running an average of $185. In more highly regulated areas, like Washington, D.C., the average price for an ounce hovers around $500. Buying weed illegally is almost always cheaper, but again, saving a couple of bucks isn’t worthwhile if being caught means hefty fines or even jail time. 

Ultimately, what you spend is your choice and depends on your budget, preferences, and what you hope to gain from the experience. Most people save the high-quality but super-expensive cultivars for occasional treats and buy less expensive strains for regular use. As you become more familiar with different strains and learn more about what you like (and never want to smoke again), you can research and try options at multiple price points to find what works best for you. 

Check Out the Nexus Delivers Selection

When you want high-quality products but can’t swing the most expensive weed strains, check out Nexus Delivers’ selection of cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, and other products. With Nexus, you won’t need to waste time driving to the dispensary—you can get what you want when you want, without hassles or inconvenience. 

Ready to try some new cannabis products? Check out the selection, then order online or call (916) 709-4137.

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